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The Bosnian-Turkish Cytopathology School (BTCS) has been founded by the Turkish Division of the International Academy of Pathology (TDIAP), Turkish Society for Cytopathology, and the Department of Pathology and Cytology Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, with the purpose to facilitate the development of cytopathology in Bosnia Herzegovina and the region. The School has been initiated in 2016 with a great efforts and support of Professor Sitki Tuzlali, the secretary of the TDIAP.

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School Year Date Lecturers Topics
5th 2020 25-26 April to be announced Lung and thyroid  cytopathology
4th 2019 18-19
Emrah Alper (Turkey), Pinar Firat (Turkey), İrem Onur (Turkey), Sevgen Önder (Turkey), Vedad Papović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Nesrin Turhan (Turkey), Sanela Vesnić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) GI cytopathology
3rd 2018 23-24
Aysun Uğuz (Turkey), Özlem Aydın (Turkey), Faruk Köse (Turkey), Nejat Özgül (Turkey), Ermina Iljazović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Gynecologic cytopathology
2nd 2017 6-7
Fernando Schmitt (Portugal), Haldun Umudum (Turkey), Ilkser Akpolat (Turkey), Koray Ceyhan (Turkey), Pinar Firat (Turkey), Nurija Bilalovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Non-gyneco cytopathology
1st 2016 18-19
Akif Demir (Sweden), Aysun Uguz (Turkey), Fernando Schmitt (Luxembourg), Pinar Firat (Turkey), Sitki Tuzlali (Turkey) Non-gyneco cytopathology


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