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 Figure 1. H&E, 5x. Figure 2. H&E, 5x. 
IMG 0374  IMG 0375 
 Figure 3. H&E, 5x. Figure 4. H&E, 5x.
IMG 0377 IMG 0379
Figure 5. H&E, 10x. Figure 6. H&E, 10x.
IMG 0383 IMG 0385
Figure 7. cKit (CD117) expression ih the tumor cells, 5x. Figure 8. cKit (CD117) expression, 5x.
IMG 0389 ER expression
Figure 9. Focal CK14 expression in the tumor cells, 10x. Figure 10. The tumor cells were negative for ER; note the positivity of ER in adjacent normal ducts, 10x.
unnamed IMG 3238
Figure 11. Mammography. Figure 12. MRI of the right breast with a tumor mass.


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