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British Bosnian School of Pathology (renamed 2012 to „Bryan Warren School of Pathology" in honor of the late Professor Bryan F Warren (1958-2012), one of the founders of the school) has been established in 2006 in close collaboration of the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology (BDIAP) (United Kingdom) and the Department of Pathology, Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and with enormous support of our great friend and friend of Bosnia – Mr Mike Franey from the United Kingdom.


The aim of the School is to improve the quality of the pathology practice in the countries of former Yugoslavia (particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina) with emphasis on training and teaching of young trainees and young pathologists from the region.

Since 2007 we have organized the schools with the following topics:

  Year   Lecturers Topics
10th 2016 4-5 November Prof. Ray McMahon, Prof. Sarah Pinder GI and Breast Pathology
9th 2015 November Prof. Stefan Hubscher, Prof. Fiona Campbell Pancreatic/Liver Pathology
8th 2014 November Dr Paul Cane, Dr Michael den Bakker Lung and Mediastinum
7th 2013 November Dr J Shanks, Dr M Varma Uropathology
6th 2012 November Prof. RW Simpson, Dr A Sandison, Prof. N Gale, Dr J Sopta H&N
5th 2011 June Dr CD Mangam, Dr D Hughes, Dr S Edward Soft Tissue & Bone
4th 2010 May Dr E Calonje, Dr T Brenn and Dr B Luzar Dermatopathology
3rd 2009 June Dr S Manek, Dr C Clelland, Dr S Dojcinov Gynae/ Lymphoreticular
2nd 2008 August Prof. S Pinder, Dr JS Reis-Filho Breast
1st 2007 August Prof. GT Williams, Prof. NA Shepherd GI

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