Bryan Warren School of Pathology

British Bosnian School of Pathology (renamed 2012 to „Bryan Warren School of Pathology” in honor of the late Professor Bryan F Warren (1958-2012), one of the founders of the school) has been established in 2006 in close collaboration with the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology (BDIAP) (United Kingdom) and the Department of Pathology, Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and with the enormous support of our great friend and friend of Bosnia – Mr. Mike Franey from the United Kingdom.

The aim of the School is to improve the quality of the pathology practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region with emphasis on training and teaching of trainees and young pathologists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighbouring countries.

Since 2007 we have organized the schools on an annual basis as follows:

17th202423-24 November (Hybrid)Dr. Michael A. den Bakker and Dr. Jan von der ThusenLung and Mediastinum
16th20234-5 November
Dr. Murali Varma and Dr. Lisa BrowningGenitourinary pathology
15th20225 November (Online)Dr. Ann Sandison and Dr. Selvam ThavarajHead and neck pathology
14th20216 November (Online)Dr. Cyril Fisher and Dr. Khin ThwaySoft tissue pathology
13th20192-3 NovemberProf. Sebastian Brandner and Prof. Silvia MarinoNeuropathology
12th20183-4 NovemberDr. Eduardo Calonje and Dr. Stefan DojčinovSkin and hematopathology
11th20174-5 NovemberProf. Daniel Berney, Dr. Sanjiv ManekEndocrine and Gynaecopathology
10th20164-5 NovemberProf. Ray McMahon, Prof. Sarah PinderGastrointestinal and Breast Pathology
9th2015NovemberProf. Stefan Hubscher, Prof. Fiona CampbellPancreatic/Liver Pathology
8th2014NovemberDr. Paul Cane, Dr. Michael den BakkerLung and Mediastinum
7th2013NovemberDr. Jonathan Shanks, Dr. Murali VarmaUropathology
6th2012NovemberProf. Roderick W Simpson, Dr Ann Sandison, Prof. Nina Gale, Dr Jelena SoptaHead & Neck Pathology
5th2011JuneDr. Chas D Mangam, Dr. David Hughes, Dr. Sara EdwardSoft Tissue & Bone Pathology
4th2010MayDr. Eduardo Calonje, Dr. Thomas Brenn and Dr. Boštjan LuzarDermatopathology
3rd2009JuneDr. Sanjiv Manek, Dr. Colin Clelland, Dr. Stefan DojčinovGynaeco/Hematopathology
2nd2008AugustProf. Sarah Pinder, Dr Jorge S Reis-FilhoBreast Pathology
1st2007AugustProf. Geraint T Williams, Prof. Neil A ShepherdGastrointestinal Pathology