The 6th Bosnian-Turkish Cytopathology School

Diagnostic Dilemmas in FNAC Practice

29th May 2022

Online (Zoom Platform)


Dear colleagues and friends:

It is our great pleasure to announce the 6th Bosnian Turkish Cytopathology School that will go virtual (Zoom Platform) on 29 May 2022. The School is organized jointly by the Turkish Division of the International Academy of Pathology (TDIAP), Turkish Society of Cytopathology and Association of Basic Medical Sciences of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main topics of the School will be diagnostic dilemmas in FNAC practice. The lecturers will be distinguished and well-experienced cytopathologists and clinicians from Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The School objectives are to cover the most challenging topics in diagnostic cytopathology and to cover the practical issues, particularly those relevant for young specialists and residents in pathology and clinicians.

We sincerely hope that the School will meet your expectations, and it will undoubtedly depend on your active participation.

On behalf of the organizers,

Sitki Tuzlali, M.D., Ph.D.
President of the Turkish Division of the International Academy of Pathology (TDIAP)

Semir Vranic, M.D., Ph.D.
College of Medicine, Qatar University

Faruk Skenderi, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Sarajevo Faculty of Health Studies

Sevgen Önder, M.D.
President of the Turkish Society of Cytopathology


Koray Ceyhan, M.D. Department of Pathology, Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey
Nesrin Turhan, M.D. Department of Pathology, Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
Sanela Vesnić, M.D. Department of Radiology, University Clinical Center Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Irem Onur, M.D. Department of Pathology, Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
Ayşegül Aksoy Altınboğa, M.D. Department of Pathology, Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
Tuğba Taşkın Türkmenoğlu, M.D. Department of Pathology, Diskapi Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
Cisel Aydin, M.D. Department of Pathology, Koç University, Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
İrem Şahver İşgör, M.D. Department of Pathology, Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, İzmir, Turkey


Semir Vranić, M.D., Ph.D.
Faruk Skenderi, M.D., Ph.D.


Sitki Tuzlali, M.D., Ph.D


Registration is closed on 25 May 2022.


All times are CET

9.00Opening ceremony (Drs. Vranić and Tuzlali)
9.15FNAC of soft tissue lesions (Dr. Koray Ceyhan)
10.00FNAC of pediatric tumors (Dr. Irem Onur)
10.45Coffee/tea break
11.05FNA of lymphoid lesions (Dr. Koray Ceyhan)
FNAC approaches to cystic lesions of solid organs
11.50Cystic lesions of the head and neck (including salivary and thyroid glands) (Dr. Ayşegül Aksoy Altınboğa)
12.35Lunch (Sponsors)
13.30Radiological approach to cystic lesions of the pancreas (Dr. Sanela Vesnić)
14.00FNAC of cystic lesions of the pancreas (Dr. Nesrin Turhan)
14.30FNAC of cystic lesions of the breast (Dr. Tuğba Taşkın Türkmenoğlu)
15.00Coffee/tea break
Overcoming Diagnostic Dilemmas: Specimen Handling and Ancillary Techniques
15.20Cell blocks and immunocytochemistry (Dr. İrem Şahver İşgör)
15.40Molecular tests (Dr. Çisel Aydın Meriçöz)
16.00Discussion and closing remarks