figure 1 5x figure 2 10x 

 Figure 1. H&E, 5x.

 Figure 2. H&E, 10x.
figure 3 20x   figure 3a 20x
 Figure 3. H&E, 20x. Figure 4. H&E, 20x. 
figure 5 ck 20x figure 5 ck 20x
Figure 5. AE1/AE3 expression in the tumor cells, 10x (note also AE1/AE3 expression in normal thyroid follicles) Figure 6. AE1/AE3 expression, 20x.
figure 6 vimentin 10x figure 7 vimentin 20x
Figure 7. Vimentin expression, 10x. Figure 8. Vimentin expression, 20x.
figure 8 pax8 20x  
Figure 9. Pax-8 expression in the tumor cells (note PAX-8 expression in the residual thyroid follicles), 10x.