core biopsy 10xcore biopsy ER 10x
Figure 1. H&E, core  biopsy, 10x.Figure 2. Estrogen receptor expression, 10x.
core biopsy her2 10xFigure 5 breast 10x
Figure 3. Her-2/neu overexpression on core biopsy (score 3+) (10x).Figure 4. H&E, a complete response to the neoadjuvant chemotherapy with no residual tumor cells, 10x.
Figure 1 10xFigure 2 10x
Figure 5. H&E of an axillary lymph node with multiple non-caseous epitheloid granulomas, 10x.Figure 6. H&E, another axillary lymph node, 5x.
Figure 4 20x 
Figure 7. H&E, 20x.