European School of Pathology – Zagreb Edition 2019
Update in Urinary System and Male Genital Tract Pathology

Maurizio Colecchia, Italy
Antonio Lopez Beltran, Spain
Rodolfo Montironi, Italy
Marina Scarpelli, Italy
Maria R. Raspollini, Italy

This course is created for younger pathologists and the ones in need of refreshing their knowledge. During a three-day course (December 4-6, 2019) participants will have an opportunity to listen to lectures and to take an active part in discussions and slide seminars. Stress will be on the tumors of the urinary system and male genital tract and their differential diagnosis. It is designed for improvement and standardization of diagnostic abilities of participants.
The course is organized by the Institute of Pathology, University of Zagreb School of Medicine and Sergej Saltykow Foundation, and led by highly recognized European pathology experts.


Registration fee:
180 euro or 1350 kuna

Institute of Pathology,
University of Zagreb School of Medicine
Šalata 10, Zagreb, Croatia

Tihana Regovic Dzombeta, MD, PhD
mobile: +385 98 9372 013
Marija Milkovic Perisa, MD, PhD
mobile: +385 91 511 0264