The 7th Annual Course of the Polish Academy of Immunohistochemistry, Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Pathology, will be held in Krakow, from 17-19th of April 2023.

The course is mainly designated for practicing pathologists and pathologists-in-training, especially those interested in diagnostic procedures using immunohistochemistry. It could be useful to biologists and other biomedical scientists. The three-day course will cover immunohistochemical aspects of the breast, gastrointestinal tract, female reproductive system, soft tissues, central nervous system and hematolymphoid tumors.

Separate lectures will address technical aspects and the rational use of ICH procedures. Live microscopy session (so-called consultation corner), dedicated to gynecological and soft tissue pathology led by distinguished experts: Anais Malpica, Simone Stolnicu and Markku Miettinen.

One day of the course will be devoted almost exclusively to the introduction of molecular cancer diagnostics and practical application of molecular techniques for differential diagnosis of tumors. The CME application will be submitted to EACCME.

International Faculty:

Andrew Belizzi (USA)

Maria Debiec-Rychter (Belgium)

Wieslawa Grajkowska (Poland)

Jan Klos (Norway)

Konstanty Korski (Germany)

Artur Kowalik (Poland)

Jerzy Lasota (USA)

Anais Malpica (USA)

Andrzej Marszalek (Poland)

Markku Miettinen (USA)

Andrzej Mroz (Poland)

Soren Nielsen (Denmark)

Anna Porwit (Sweden)

Janusz Rys (Poland)

Hans-Ulrich Schildhaus (Germany)

Regine Schneider-Stock (Germany)

Katarzyna Seliga (Poland)

Simone Stolnicu (Romania)

Tibor Tot (Sweden)

Joanna Trubicka (Poland)

Andrzej Tysarowski (Poland).

Using this link you can find more information about the course.