2432 HE new 10x apocrine metaplasia 2 2432 HE new 10x apocrine metaplasia
Figure 1. H&E, complex apocrine metaplasia associated with invasive apocrine carcinoma and apocrine DCIS (not shown), 10x. Figure 2. H&E, Complex apocrine metaplasia, 10x.
AR 10x ER 10x
Figure 3. Androgen receptor expression, 10x.

Figure 4. The lack of Estrogen receptor expression (note the presence of ER in adjacent benign/normal ducts), 10x.

Ck56 10x p63 10x 2
Figure 5. The presence of basal layer highlighted by cytokeratin 5/6 expression, 10x. Figure 6. p63 expression shows the presence of basal/myoepithelial cell layer, 10x.